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We grade companies on their corporate digital responsibility (CDR).

CDR is a set of best practices and standards, which guide companies to use emerging technologies and user data in ethical ways. Good CDR practices decrease the risk of a company by providing protection from the reputational damage from a tech scandal, which can lead to a lack of trust and interest from clients.

ESG considerations matter, because they create value for companies, while simultaneously decreasing risks.

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Explore our ratings and gain insights on the companies whose digital strategy such as their use of AI is the most important to monitor.

Here is a selection of recently rated organisations.

* - historical score from previous rated quarter

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How we work

We have a growing data set with key research dimensions focused on ESG structure, public policy, technical barriers, digital ethics, ethical risk, data privacy and sustainability. Confidence in our data quality is our most important metric. This is how we achieve it:

Our Team

We are a small, interdisciplinarily team of policy, social science, philosophy, digital ethics, economy, culture, and technology experts focused on mitigating the ethical risks of AI. Meet the talented minds behind our model and mission.

Charles Radclyffe

Charles Radclyffe

Co-founder and CEO

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