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Early Lessons from Elon Musk’s New Twitter

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Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has so far undone much of the progress made by the company towards responsible Machine Learning practice. The wide social push-back may indicate the demand for socially responsible platforms. In contrast to Musk’s radical approach to organisational reform, we at EthicsGrade believe that substantial improvements (in ESG) are often best achieved through building upon the work of existing teams.

Proud to Present: Our ESG Predictive Engine

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For the last few months, we have worked to develop a machine learning model, which is able to predict the ESG score of some of the world's largest organizations creating a more complete picture of the ESG standings.

The Athens Roundtable: The EU AI Act and the Rule of Law

Athens roundtable

The Fourth Annual Athens Roundtable was an attempt to approach democracy from its bedrock: the rule of law, which, in its simplest form, asserts that no one stands above it, no matter the country or community. This piece summarizes the key takeaways and the bottom line from the panel focused on an enforceable EU AI Act.

Who is Responsible for the Actions of AI?


We must question what stakeholders could be held responsible for both the risk and reward of AI action, without accountability AI use could block moral and legal culpability. Sadly, the responsibility for the risks and rewards of robotics can be misplaced or not placed at all. This piece takes a look at the multiplayer model of artificial intelligence (AI) teams which can lead to distributed responsibility for AI action, allowing AI to be a ‘scapegoat.’

A Users Guide to ESG at EthicsGrade: What is it? Why should you care? and How does AI fit in?


ESG is finding new applications as a means of informing socially responsible investment decisions. So, what is ESG? Why does it matter for everybody? And how does our coverage of corporate digital responsibility fit into the discussion? This article answers these questions and, in doing so, gives a good sense of why you should be paying attention to the work at EthicsGrade.

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