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Overwhelmed by ESG reporting and vendor assessments?

We help companies understand their corporate digital risks.

We simplify ESG reporting with our predictive engine that lightens the load for corporates by predicting the 10 best indicators of best practice in overall ESG. We provide ESG ratings based on the specific interests of an investor, highlighting the issues they prioritize. Aside from our analysis of public data, we also engage directly with companies via our private data platform InsiderView.

Companies can further clarify their CDR grade by answering questions about their internal best practices and ESG considerations.

Some questions included on our InsiderView platform include:

  • "Have the implementations of industry standards for Data/ AI been audited?"
  • "Does your organisation have the ability to override any automated process to a 'manual mode'?"
  • "Do you have a dedicated team looking at automation of your workforce?"

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Compare your ESG score to your peer group.

With our scorecards, users can review industry ESG standings by considering how supply chains affect ESG scores or how companies' GDPR practices stack up against others.

Explore our benchmark ratings to further understand the long tail of ESG issues with our comprehensive data set on the ESG risks of digitalisation, such as the CO2 impact of technology, ethical AI and data protection risks.

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