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Bogged down by the constant stream of requests for information in the form of ESG surveys?

Every ESG data provider claims their own survey platform is the best, but we understand that you don't really care, and just want to focus on delivering change. That's why we've come up with a solution to put answers at your fingertips and not burden you with another survey.

Not only is the overburden of surveys wasting time, but it exposes organisations to risk, namely the risk of not responding to someone who matters, and the risk of incorrectly responding.

EthicsGrade gives you the answers at your fingertips.

Reduce your survey burden with EthicsGrade's Prediction Engine

EthicsGrade's Prediction Engine

Any ESG question from any investor

Copy and paste the ESG survey question

Get an answer from Prediction Engine

EthicsGrade's Prediction Engine can answer any ESG question on any company for any investor. Simply copy and paste the questions you need to answer for any survey to EthicsGrade, and let our engine do the rest.

Reduce your survey burden

Heads of ESG often come from different functional backgrounds but share one thing in common which is the desire to move forward their organisations' strategy on ESG and delivery towards that mission. However, we know many of you feel bogged down by a constant stream of requests for information in the form of ESG surveys from third parties acting either on behalf of investors, customers, or other key relationships and therefore there is an implicit, or sometimes mandatory, obligation to complete them.

This overburden of surveys creates an ineffective process, users are much more likely to respond to a survey if the answers to the questions are already at their fingertips. Currently, it's often a task of inbox searching, email sending, SharePoint/ document scanning, and a LOT of copy and pasting. Even with all this effort, this still only helps complete about 50% of the answers.

TheEthicsGrade prediction engine will replace the need to employ additional members of staff and give you time back to focus on delivering change.

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